The website was created in March 2020, at around the time COVID-19 infections were increasing drastically in Europe, especially in Italy. When the website first started the information was only available for Italy and its regions. I then started to add a few more countries, including Spain, Germany, France and the UK. In April, I stopped updating the site, since it was too much work to do manually.

During Summer 2020, I decided to give it another try, but not by taking the same approach. I decided to use Python combined with JSON files. This allowed me to make the site somewhat automated, as well as the opportunity to add more countries.

I decided to focus on positivity rate, since it is much more relevant than the number of cases. The number of cases depends on the number of tests performed, so cases may be going up only due to the increase in tests. However, by using positivity rate it allows us not to worry about the number of cases or tests, since we are looking at the percentage of positive tests.

I wish that the data can provide you a better understanding overall on the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the status of your country during this pandemic.