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On this page you will find how ITALY has been affected by the COVID-19.

An Interactive Graph is updated every single day. It shows the past and current reported cases, as well as projections that have been made by me (further information on the homepage).

In addition to this, there are two pie charts. The first shows the percentage of the state in which people are in (isolation, hospital, critical condition). The second shows how much each region contributes to the confirmed cases in Italy, as a percentage.

Coronavirus Interactive Graph

Line Graph Italy (13-April 2020)

Click Here For A Table With Predicted Vs Confirmed Cases Of CoVid-19 In Italy (23-February To Present)

Active Cases Line Graph Italy (13-April 2020)

Increase in cases/day in Italy (13-April 2020)

Increase in Deaths/day in Italy (13-April 2020)

Pie Chart of the Condition of People (13-April 2020)

Pie Chart of Affected Regions in Italy (13-April 2020)