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USA – Tracking the Coronavirus

Latest Cases of Coronavirus Reported in the USA (12-April)

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InfectedDeathsRecoveredActive Cases
551,826 (+28,983)21,919 (+1,564)34,151 (+2,520)495,756 (+24,899)

Source: Worldometers, CDC and John Hopkins University

USA – Tracking the Coronavirus | This page was started on March 19th. I have started to track the numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases in the USA. At your disposal, there’s an interactive map (where you can see how each region has been affected), and a line graph (showing the confirmed cases vs my prediction). Predictions are based on the current data available and change everyday, excluding the table next to the graph.

Line Graph USA (12-April 2020)

Click Here For A Table With Predicted Vs Confirmed Cases Of CoVid-19 In the United States (20-March To Present)

Active Cases Line Graph USA (12-April 2020)

Increase in Cases USA (12-April 2020)

Increase In Deaths/Day In the USA (12-April 2020)